Growing Green Child Development Center is committed to providing wholesome and healthy foods for children and staff. Most foods in the American diet include those that are processed and contain preservatives and additives. This includes those foods that meet the requirements of the U.S.D.A. Child Care Food Program and the meal patterns described in the Wisconsin Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers. Our intent is to provide food that exceed these standards by providing fresh, local foods and by limiting sodium content, artificial fats and food additives or preservatives as much as possible.


Given the fact that some children have severe tree nut and/or peanut allergies, we have taken the steps to be a peanut/nut free facility. By severe allergies, we mean that some children experience life- threatening symptoms just from being exposed to these products for the first time. We are committed to providing a healthy environment in every way for all children. We use alternative seed butters for nut butter in our snacks and avoid tree nut oils and products in our foods.

Growing Green Child Development Center will serve two snacks and lunch daily with milk. Menus will be posted in the center. We provide food in a “family type” setting where at least one adult is sitting and conversing with the children while promoting good table manners. We give children the opportunity to serve themselves, as they are able. Children also help set the table and clean up after snacks and meals.

Our wholesome and nutritious food service helps complement our curriculum goals of having children with healthy bodies and minds. It also complements our gardening program where children learn how to plant, take care of and harvest fresh vegetables.