The primary mission of Growing Green Child Development Center is to:


  • Provide the healthiest, safest and highest quality environment for children, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Support and educate parents about making healthy choices for their children and the environment.
  • Prepare children for successful future academic achievements.
  • Prepare children to be a socially conscious and global citizen.
  • Utilize materials, both indoor and outdoor, that benefit the environment and promote environmental awareness.

Core Beliefs

Child With Green Fingers

  • Children learn best by a “hands-on” approach that is diverse in activity and purpose.
  • Children need exposure to the beauty of the natural world in order to understand their place in the world.
  • Children need exposure to gardening, the arts, and music in order for creativity to flourish.
  • Each family is unique and we celebrate differences.
  • Learning can take place in many different forms and in many different settings.
  • Children learn what they live therefore we aim to be a good role model for children at all times.
  • Children need a sensory rich environments that includes plant, sand and water.