Physical Environment

Growing Green Child Development center recognizes the importance of the learning environment as “the third teacher”. We have created the highest quality environment while at the same time ensuring that we continue to protect the health of both children and staff. We use environmental rating scales to assure that we meet these goals. In addition, we are an Eco-Healthy Child Care Center, a nation wide self-certification program to creating healthier child care center environments. We are committed to providing the healthiest and most sustainable early childhood educational center while at the same time serving as a model for environmental responsibility.

Our Facility

Our facility has been carefully constructed with products and building materials that are sustainable, recycled, energy efficient and low emitting in order to protect children, staff and the Earth. Physical Environment Most importantly, we have implemented every measure possible to ensure maximum indoor air quality. The US Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, the World Health Organization and other public health and other environmental organizations view indoor air pollution as one of the greatest risks to human health. Children are more susceptible to pollutants because their bodies are smaller and breathe in proportionately more air. Chemicals, mold, allergens, particulates, and poor ventilation are the primary causes of poor indoor air quality. Our facility has been designed to combat these issues commonly found in our environments and, particularly, early childhood environments.

Our Classrooms

Physical EnvironmentAll of our classrooms are oversized and have extensive natural light with adjacent bathrooms for children. Our classrooms have a variety of places for children to learn including expanded block construction areas, lofts, private spaces, areas for small groups of children, large dramatic play spaces, large literacy centers. art centers, and computers. Our hallways invite parent observation into our classrooms as well as introduce our extensive recycling center.

Our 1,500 square foot multi-purpose room will be used during inclement weather for children to have the opportunity for group games, exercise and gross motor play. Due to our Wisconsin climate, we feel this is an extremely important space, and unique to child care centers, as it allows our children to interact outside of the classroom where they typically spend most of their day. This room will also house our Before and After School Program that has a wide variety of new and exciting opportunities for children.

Furniture & Toys

We have carefully chosen all of our furniture, toys, games, puzzles, art materials and cleaning products with your children’s health in mind. Where possible, we have chosen furniture that is third party certified to be healthy for children. We have purposely stayed away from plastic toys and substituted wooden toys with non-toxic finishes where we can. If we need to use plastics for sanitation reasons, we have chosen plastics that have been proven safe for children and are easily recycled.
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