Preschool & KUSD 4K

We offer year round full-time and part-time flexible schedules for ages two to four.  Our preschool program, utilizing Creative Curriculum, is held daily during the hours of 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.  Our program is designed to maximize your child’s learning potential at that stage of development in their young life.  We are aware that children of similar ages will develop in different ways and we will recognize each child as individuals.  Our teachers have the experience and training to maximize the potential of each child at their own stage of development.  We will provide each child exposure to different learning tools to accomplish our goals.  Our programs are as follows:

Two Year Olds

We have two classrooms of two year olds.  They are our “Caterpillars” and “Hummingbirds”.  Our program focuses on creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for each child, and begins to establish a daily schedule.  Planned activities and creative play are mixed through the day to help accomplish the developmental goals of this age group.  Two year olds are curious and independent and anxious to explore the world. This is the stage in their life where they transition from individual to group interaction, which is a critical step in developing good social skills.  They will begin to learn manners and how to treat others respectfully.

Through problem solving activities, your child will begin to link written words to objects.  Their creativity and imagination will be stimulated through activities involving movement, stories, art, music, nature, and dramatic play.  Cognitively, they will begin to verbalize thoughts and ideas, recognize colors and shapes, and form phrases and short sentences.  Physical and motor skills include balancing, how to properly hold a crayon or spoon, self-control, manipulation of small pieces and blocks, and sensory activities including water and sand.

The children in our two year old classrooms are not required to be toilet trained.  We will assist you with toilet training as it is a goal that children moving up to our three year old program are toilet trained, however we will continue with toilet training with our three year olds.  Parents are required to provide all diapering materials.  It is important that parents continue the training at home and have the child developmentally ready to transition to the next level.  It is an important developmental goal for a child at this age.

Three Year Olds

Three Year OldsWe have two classrooms of three year olds.  They are our “Grasshoppers” and “Fireflies”.  The three year old program continues to build on the fundamentals taught in the two year old program. What sets this age group apart from two year olds is their newfound ability to express themselves in words and ideas. We continue to focus on providing a nurturing environment for the children, and ensure they feel secure while they have fun learning their new skills. The school day continues to become more structured, while still giving each child the time to explore and learn individually as well.

Three year olds learn to use sentences to relate ideas and simple stories.  They are able to master most language sounds and continue to refine their hand-eye coordination.  Physically, they become proficient at various gross motor skills including running, catching, climbing and riding.  Emotionally, they find pride in self-defined activities.  Socially, they show awareness and feelings of others.

We can accommodate three year olds still toilet training.  We will continue to assist your child with their training, though it is important for parents to continue training at home to ensure the transition to our four year old rooms.  Parents are required to provide all diapering materials.

Four Year Olds

We have two classrooms of four year olds.  They are our “Dragonflies” and “Tree Frogs”.

One of our four year old preschool rooms is in collaboration with Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) 4K Pre-Kindergarten, which is taught by a KUSD assigned teacher during the school year.  Students are enrolled at Growing Green with additional registration for 4K through KUSD.  This program also utilizes Creative Curriculum.

Our other four year old preschool room is a year-round program taught by Growing Green.

The most important goal of a four year old program is to prepare children for Kindergarten. Four year olds approach the world with great curiosity and use their imaginations to understand it.  We encompass a wide range of activities centered on the developmental goals of this age group.  We continue to build on the goals and skills already introduced in previous programs, as well as new goals, including language and communication, reading readiness, pre-mathematical concepts, science, nature, arts and crafts, music, creative movement and physical growth.   Socially, they will learn how to function in the full-time structured learning environment experienced in Kindergarten.  It is at this level that they “graduate” to the next stage of their life and into a school system.  Growing Green Child Development Center will ensure they are ready for this next challenge, and that they are confident doing so.