Growing Green Is NAC Accredited

And Has Received a 5 star Youngstar rating



We look forward to serving
and growing our great community.


Welcome to Growing Green Child Development Center. We are an environmentally friendly, eco-healthy early childhood learning center conveniently located just blocks north of the intersection of Green Bay Road and Highway 50 in Kenosha, WI. Our state of the art facility is unique in many ways. We have stayed away from traditional institutional settings so that your child can feel the warmth and comfort that they would typically feel while at home. We believe that this is important, particularly when children are being separated from their family for the first time. We are an early childhood learning center for children ages 18 months – 12 years old. We combine learning with an environmental component that promotes the health and safety of your child while also protecting the resources of our great planet.

Our Philosophy

Growing Green Child Development Center is based on educational principles that allow each child to develop to their fullest potential. Our approach focuses on the “whole child” meaning we address and support the mind and body. We encourage children to explore their many intelligences through the use of a high quality natural environment that uses nature play, sensory play with sand/water, gardening, creative arts and music. We encourage every child to develop and grow in their understanding of our diverse world. We hope to support and help educate families on making healthy choices for their children.

Following our philosophy means that we set the following goals:

1. Help each child achieve intellectual growth and stimulation.
2. Help each child in building and maintaining positive self-worth.
3. Help each child become socially well adjusted.
4. Help each child develop a sense of values and respect for self, others and Mother Earth.
5. Help each child attain physical stamina and good health habits.

The staff at Growing Green value family relationships and want to act as a support system for each family. All staff will do their best to maintain strong home to center communication.