Being Green & Eco-Healthy

What Makes Us Green & Eco-Healthy?

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Being GREEN is about making responsible choices, being healthy, and using materials with minimal negative impact to the environment.  Being GREEN is more than just marketing and awareness, it requires action and commitment.  Growing Green Child Development Center has taken many steps with an emphasis on conservation of resources, use of sustainable and recycled building products, and offering children safe and healthy interior and exterior spaces.

There is a wide spectrum of what it means to be GREEN and it can all be overwhelming.  There are many different theories and certifications available, but what does it all mean and what is most important? This is a question that will be answered in many different ways.  While GREEN is often thought automatically as meaning obtaining LEED certification, it is possible to have a LEED certified center that is not healthy for children.  Therefore, we are independently certified through the use of environmental rating scales designed specifically for early childhood environments.  Our goal was to implement every step possible to support the environment and, most importantly, offer the healthiest learning environment for children.  Your child is at a critical developmental stage of his or her young life, and health is often grossly overlooked.  Studies suggest that conditions commonly found in early childhood environments may have a serious, negative impact on a child’s health and well-being.   Health risks affect early stages of development where 90% of a child’s brain development occurs. Young children are more susceptible to developing preventable diseases, including asthma, and serious allergies as a result of the chemicals and off-gases contained in the air they breathe.   This is especially important in enclosed spaces where the children will be spending most of their day.  We can assure you that we have taken as many steps possible to attain maximum indoor air quality standards by eliminating those invisible chemicals and toxins.  We have also implemented a healthy food program that offers “kid friendly” food but without all of the additives and preservatives found in common foods today.  Our meals are made fresh daily and have been carefully selected to include all natural, healthy ingredients.

We have extended the GREEN concept to learning.  We invite the environment into our learning program.  This is evident by our outdoor Natural Play that offers children a more creative and environmental experience.  We have intentionally avoided the traditional “equipment playgrounds” found at most early childhood centers and schools.  Children love to experience water, sand, art, and music, and all of these items are components of our outdoor Natural Play.  Children also love to play in the grass and bushes and need shade when doing so because their skin is extremely sensitive to harmful ultra-violet rays.   We use trees for natural shading because children love to play around and under trees, and trees act as a natural protective barrier from the sun.  Because children also love to watch plants grow, we have included gardening and a greenhouse as a component of our outdoor Natural Play.  We believe our outdoor Natural Play offers both an educational and exciting experience for your child.

Growing Green Child Development Center has demonstrated a commitment to both the health and safety of your child and the environment through various GREEN initiatives.   While the primary goal of early childhood education is to start the critical learning process of a young child’s mind, we provide the learning experience in the best environment possible.